Our Pre-K class provides an enriched environment allowing children the opportunity to gain knowledge through “Active Learning”, giving children many opportunities to create with their own ideas and explore new and enriching materials.  We want children to feel successful, confident, and also become “thinking learners.”

“Active Learning”, to us, means participating in your day.  We know, just like adults, if you are interested in something, you are going to invest a lot of your time and attention to it.  If you like dinosaurs and have the opportunity to make your own dinosaur museum, you may want to do some research in books and write names for your dinosaurs.  You may want to display our 50 giant dinosaurs on big blocks with plants all around.  You may want to make tickets for other kids to come and visit your museum. You may even use our clay to make dinosaur fossils with their footprints.  And as visitors come to your museum, you have a pointer and give information about dinosaurs that you have researched.  And what is so fun about all this is that you’re planning it with several friends, who also love dinosaurs!

This is a very common example of how our curriculum evolves and how the teachers are masters at extending learning for kids.  These are their first stepping stones toward becoming a responsible, capable person.  We want these to be the best possible steps they can take!

Class Days and Times for the Pre-K Class

  • Monday through Friday from 9am – 1pm
  • Two, Three, and Four Day Classes are offered

Main Highlights of the Pre-K Class

Pre-K Classroom

  • Child must be 4 years old by October 1st to enroll in September
  • 20 children per day, 2 qualified teachers and 1 to 3 parents
  • Snack provided, children bring own lunch
  • Children are not required to be toilet trained to be accepted
  • We are a Peanut-Free and Tree-Nut Free environment

Tuition & Fees for the Pre-K Class

  • Tuition is based on one set fee divided into 9 monthly payments.
  • The annual registration fee for each classroom covers: registration, materials, snack and “field trips”.

Waiting List

It is highly recommended all interested families fill-out an enrollment application as early as possible to be placed on our waiting list for future enrollment.  One of these forms can be found under the Forms tab at the top of the page.

No fee is required to be placed on our wait list.  Once a family is enrolled at Child Priority, a child is guaranteed a spot into the next years classroom.

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