Child Priority History

Child Priority Preschool

Our very first Child Priority Preschool day began in September, 1985 and now, for over 30 years we have educated, nurtured and made children our priority! I graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education from Metropolitan State University. All I ever wanted to do was to teach young children. I always said, “I teach kids and I get paid! Wow!”

I was hired at Red Rocks Community College to teach kids in the lab school and also train adults taking classes in Early Childhood Education. After four years, Red Rocks Community College wanted a location to train all their Interns off-campus. A co-teacher and I decided, with the help of some very dedicated parents, to open up a preschool and call it ‘Child Priority’. We were both teachers in the classroom, but we were also able to contract with Red Rocks Community College for our preschool to become its off-campus Early Childhood training site. I trained college interns for the next eight years in planning curriculum, managing a classroom, conflict resolution and behaviors in young children for Early Childhood Education.

Child Priority’s first location was at the Jefferson Avenue Church. We only had one large classroom, open four days a week and combined ages 3 and 4 year olds. After four years, my co-teacher was transferred and I moved the school to the Wheat Ridge Presbyterian Church. We added another classroom and three more teachers.  Over the years, I would have the opportunity to teach with the “best of the best” educators at Child Priority and we all have truly remained as life-long friends.

Working with so many different educators over the years, I’ve been able to choose from the best of teachers. In 2003, the school was lucky enough to move to the Glory of God Lutheran church. Although we do not have a religious affiliation with the church, a mutual friendship has blossomed. We are so happy to use this beautiful, air-conditioned space for Child Priority and we were able to add the Junior’s classroom! In the years since we have been at this location several dedicated teachers have joined us to create an extraordinary teaching staff.”

After teaching for over 30 years and working as the Director/Administrator, I feel very lucky that so many wonderful families have joined Child Priority. It’s a magical time in a child and parents’ life and we are so happy to be a part of it. I always hope to offer quality in education, an enriched environment and a sense of belonging to a community resembling Mayberry.